3 Design Trends That Keep Going

There are plenty of websites that detail upcoming trends in 2015, but what they don’t often touch on are those that continue from the years before it. We’ve already discussed trends that are evolving in 2015, which have been carried over from prior years as well, but with these three trends, we look at some of the broader implications and philosophies behind design trends, and why they still matter.

3 Design Trends That Keep Going
  • Simple sites. Whether it’s keeping your presentation visually appealing by cutting down on the amount of clutter, or looking toward aspects of Flat Design to present all of the information that you need to in a limited amount of space for your mobile audience, simple pages began trending in the early 2010’s. A bigger emphasis was placed on the “Wow” factor of a user’s first experience when loading into a website, and that continues well into 2015, as sites are looking to use fewer pages to get the same visual and cultural experience for users. Even though the coding behind them may be complex, the actual presentation is quite simple, and in some cases, even considered to be “warmer” or more human as a result. That’s another trend that continues to grow, of course; the human site.
  • Responsive sites. You may read a lot of articles on this site about responsive design and why it’s important, and part of the reason for that is that everyone who’s paid attention to the mobile market has noticed that there’s a distinct need for more options for the mobile crowd. SEO experts, e-commerce businesses, and analysts all agree that mobile optimization matters, and of all of the options out there, responsive design is the one that’s going to win you the most amount of clicks.
  • Big images. This trend goes back to the initial idea of “simpler sites,” but takes it a step further by incorporating new ideas in parallax backgrounds, which are large background images that scroll with the user, and more focus being placed on landing pages that really sell users on what they clicked a link for on a search engine like Google. In other words, big images have a big impact, and they are becoming incredibly popular with sites of just about every caliber and category. From political advocacy, to the small whiskey brewers across the world, these large images can often tell a story just in themselves of what a page is about, who the people behind it are, and what users can expect from the site, and the company itself.
3 Design Trends That Keep Going

Simple, responsive, and visually impacting— if that doesn’t bring anything to mind as a designer, it should. Mobile applications often follow the same core principles in their design, and they’re honestly a great benchmark to compare your work to if you want to see where design may be going in the future. It’s the functionality, the ease of navigation, and the balance of elements that keep sites buzzing.

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