Two Trends that are Evolving in 2015

Trends begin, and end, but that isn’t the entire story. What happens in between is something like a mutation, or an evolution, that occurs based off of what we see in the field. Unlike the real evolution, we have the ability to make changes on the fly whenever we see that there’s a problem with […]

Making a Site Media Rich in 2015

The web’s love of media hasn’t changed much since the days of RealPlayer, but the platforms, possibilities, and potential have all gotten much broader. There are more video hosting sites than ever that offer increasingly higher levels of visual fidelity, which is why you may want, or need, to make sure that media’s a priority […]

Tips for Choosing Great Mobile Fonts

Typography doesn’t just matter in 2015; it’s practically its own movement. If you’ve ever been familiar with a poor font choice, then you know exactly how difficult it can make reading content that you may have been interested in. With mobile devices, there are additional considerations, like the amount of spacing, the margins, padding, and […]

Three Things to Consider with Your Responsive Design

Responsive design’s definitely got momentum on the list of things designers need to put into a site if they want to get a good response, but there are considerations within responsive design itself that can keep you from wasting precious time and money when your site’s slated to go online in the near future. While […]

Is Responsive Design Really Worth It?

The answer is usually going to be yes. With Google’s latest algorithm placing a higher priority on sites that are mobile friendly, you really can’t afford to skip out on either a mobile or a responsive version of your site, but mobile versions of websites are also going out of style by and large. You […]

Adding “Oomph” to Your Calls to Action

Calls to action are what drive user traffic where you want it to go. It can make or break a site to have great, or poor, calls to action; unclear directions can send users in any direction, but most likely, it will be away from your site entirely. That’s why it’s important to make sure […]

A Social Mind for Design

Social media networks are a big source of traffic, and they can help users to find, share, and like information related to your website. It’s always a good idea to have some form of social media presence if you’re a company, but for the designer’s end of the equation, you need to be more concerned […]

3 Web Design Mistakes, with Easy Solutions

Designing a website can be a process of trial and error, but for some designers, those errors cost real world time, and real world money, which is why they should be avoided whenever possible. In this list, we’ll go over a few common mistakes with web design, and how, and why, they should be avoided. […]

3 Design Trends That Keep Going

There are plenty of websites that detail upcoming trends in 2015, but what they don’t often touch on are those that continue from the years before it. We’ve already discussed trends that are evolving in 2015, which have been carried over from prior years as well, but with these three trends, we look at some […]